Ferruzzo & Ferruzzo, LLP was founded in 1981 by two brothers, Tom Ferruzzo and Jim Ferruzzo.

Both Tom and Jim Ferruzzo had very different legal paths that lead them to form the legal partnership.

Tom Ferruzzo, the founding partner, initially eschewed law for space engineering, a ten year ‘startup career,’ which saw him as team member in the launch team at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, for the 3rd Stage of the Saturn V Rocket. While rising through McDonnell Douglas, he entered law studies and eventually became Associate Deputy Counsel for McDonnell Douglas Corporation, until he left for private practice, drawn by the idea of guiding entrepreneurs and businesses down strategic critical paths to grow their business ethically, professionally, and with long-term sustainability. 

Jim Ferruzzo has always been drawn to service. A veteran of the Armed Forces, he started his career as a Deputy District Attorney in Los Angeles. While serving as LA Deputy District Attorney, Jim ran the Grand Jury to present politically sensitive cases, and prosecuted Mexican Mafia organized crime. He conducted a yearlong Grand Jury investigation of fraudulent claims of profit distributions in the entertainment industry (Charlie's Angels, Starsky and Hutch, and Love Boat, which became known in the news media as "Angel Gate" and required search warrant seizure of the producer's office, their attorney's office, and their accountant's office [a six story building], and a forensic accounting of the financial statements for all three programs). During his tenure as a prosecutor he successfully prosecuted 200+ cases. Jim left the District Attorney's Office in 1981, and joined Tom in private practice, and continued to flourish in the courtroom for private clients.

Since, the formation of the partnership over forty years ago, Ferruzzo has continued to grow and expand its practice groups. Ferruzzo has evolved and continues to grow, but is firmly grounded to the same principals of the founders, Tom Ferruzzo and Jim Ferruzzo, as the entire firm is Rooted in Relationship.